Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Bit n' pieces

Facebook, huh. I bamboozled, I cannot find my way around that thing. I get requests for all sorts of things, try and play the game, but fail to accomplish anything but sign up new friends. I shall persist, but it is testing my patience.

More on computers:
As many of you know i have almost no skill when it comes to playing computer games other than solitaire. My fine motor skills are like a 5yo child on red cordial, jelly beans and coffee!! So, last night i found myself at some friends house and was asked to play x-box. I told them i was pretty much an easy beat, but i would join in. To my surprise the first game didn't involve using my hands, but my feet. It was a dance game where you have to place your feet on a mat where indicated by the arrows on the screen. It was fun, i didn't win, i don't think. I'm not even sure if it kept score. We then moved onto the racing games and i was the one who spent more time trying to make my own track than sticking to the road. The night was great fun, the food sensational and the company and blast.

You know you are in Canada when:
  • Bob the builder and his mates have a North American accent, not the English one he was born with.
  • You can buy flannelette boxer shorts.
  • This one is good, supermarkets display the price per volume along with the overall price, so price comparisons are easy to make.
  • There are unlocked cars in the car parks, even with their windows down.
  • School students have no uniforms and neither do the bank employees. The bank staff look unprofessional.

I have started watching a new sport, ice hockey. And i like it. Despite what i previously thought the aim of the game is not to smash the oppositions face into the glass wall. Although you can if you are contesting for the puck. The game is high speed, there are no slow parts so players are substituted every few minutes. Ice hockey originated in Canada and is their national sport.

Blessings to you all

Adrian XO

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