Thursday, 4 October 2007

Pepe Le Pew

I walked into the church last Saturday and was greeting by a strange new smell. After catechism class i was told that new aroma to my nose was the smell of a skunk!! Us Aussies get a lot of our education in things North American from Walt Disney and for this aussie traveler skunks are no different. I knew they had powerful odor, but when you are experience it for the first time it is something else. Thankfully, the smell in the church comes from the little creature opening his lunch box while walking past the closed door, and is not a full blast of his arse-nal. Two traps are now set outside of the holes he has dug under the back of the church and all the doors are open to air the place out.

I have been told that if i am going to take a photo of a skunk not to get closer than 5 metres or he will get me.

XO Adrian


Luka said...

HI Adrian,

Interesting! Hope all is going well and I love the beautiful photo's from your last blog post. God bless you and will have to catch up soon.


Anonymous said...

Am enjoying reading your experiences Adi, a chat would be great too. Tried to call you today several times. My form of procrastination, thankfully God was not willing, and my assignment is well on it's way now.


Rachel Esther said...

Hey! that's so gross!

why do you always have to tell the gross stories?!!

Trav sent me a text the morning after the event.

hooray for Trav and Jess! Only Anna to go now!!

hope you're having a good week!