Friday, 5 October 2007

This is the life

I have just had the most wonderful afternoon. I visited a church member who lives on the shore line of Mc Cullough Lake. Unfortunately I didn’t take my camera, but the view is simply amazing. At her place I saw my first chipmunks. They are the cutest animal I have ever seen.

Coming back to the church I took the scenic route at a leisurely pace. Driving down a winding dirt road the scene consisted of Maple trees ranging in colour from green to orange to crimson red and every shade in between, stunning looking horses belonging to the Mennonite farmers, Mennonite children walking along the side of the road, a monarch butterfly crossing my path, a chipmunk racing to avoid the car and the autumn sun bathing the countryside in warmth. To top it all off, the radio was playing the Glen Campbell classic Like a rhine-stone cowboy. Can life get much better… yes if you were here.

God is unendingly brilliant in creating beautiful things for us to enjoy.

Tomorrow I am planing to go to the Blue Mountains and on to Collingwood. The locals say the best fall colours are over that way in the Beaver Valley.

Enjoy your spring, I’m loving my autumn.

XO Adrian


++Anna++ said...

+++ Wow Adi i have missed so many of your adventures over the past week! I've just caught up now. Its weird that i am so impressed by all the animals you have seen, i guess that compares to the hype that people have when they come to Australia and they see a possum or Koala for the first time...but it sounds like you are having such a COOL time over there! Thanks for your msg to me, Its good to know I'm not alone in my experiences...just at Church with Luke today, keeping each other company...smells like old people in here soon, A +++

Chels said...

Wow! I agree with Anna, you have had so many adventures since I last looked at this blog. And i'm so jealous of all the animals you've seen. Next time you see a chipmunk you'll have to call it Simon!! Oh, and when they set a trap for a skunk do they hurt it? Hope not! Anyway, it sounds like you are having such an amazing time, so yay!!!
Catch ya bud,
Chels xx

Meryl said...

I, too, have been away and hadn't read all your latests, Adrian. What great experiences you are having. Lots of sermon material for the future?!
I remember my excitement at the first squirrel sighting in Goergia, USA, some years ago - then they just got 'ho hum'!
The Friday off for exploring reminds me of working in a school on the Isle of Wight and having a Thursday 'long afternoon' to go across to the mainland and visit southern cities and countryside in England.
Love all the photos, kid!
Keep posting for us, even if we are slack in responding!!