Tuesday, 23 October 2007

My weekend

I spent my weekend at the Ontario East District Confirmands Retreat at Grace Lutheran Church St Catharine's. There were about 55 participants, most of whom are going through catechism classes which usually takes two years, although some have already been confirmed. The focus for the weekend was devotional life: prayer and bible reading. As with most camps involving this age group sleep was at a premium, so i had catch up this morning.

When the retreat broke up after church, our group of 7 confirmands, 2 leaders and the two drivers went to the Welland canal which connects Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, then on to Niagara Falls. We were fortunate to see a ship enter lock #1 and be lowered about 10 metres before continuing its journey into Lake Ontario. Amazing process. The height difference between the two lakes is 96 metres and there are about 8 locks.

Far more spectacular is Niagara Falls. The two falls, American and Horseshoe (Canadian), are huge and the amount of water that flows over them is astounding. What adds to the experience is the falls can be seen, heard and felt. The closer we got to the Horseshoe falls the greater the amount of mist in the air. Depending on the wind it would swirl or even stop for a time. Because of the mist and sun rainbows could always been seen. A spectacular place to visit, but if you don't like commercialism don't turn around. High rise hotels and a casino dominate the skyline. It is like sitting on the beach at Surfers Paradise admiring God's handy work, watching the waves pound the beach, to turn around and be confronted with concrete, bitumen and tactless capitalism. Thankfully we don't have too much of that at our Australian natural attractions like Ayers Rock, Flinders Ranges, Kings Canyon, etc.

The American Falls, Buffalo NY State is in the background.

The Canadian or Horseshoe Falls. The Maid of the Mist can been seen in the water.

A close up of the Horseshoe. See the people on the bottom right
of the photo getting a close up view.

A double rainbow.

In case you are wondering, no the falls don't freeze in the winter. Too much water moving too fast for it to freeze.

XO Adrian


rachel esther said...

Wow! That is so incredibly beautiful! I am struck by the sheer power of that much water which leads me to think how powerful indeed our Lord is that he put it there!
So you have a list of things you want to see while you're there? Becuase this would surely be one to put on it then corss off!

Oh - i'm sick. sick sick sick. you'd love to hear the details i'm sure - but no one else who reads your blog is likely to! SO i'll spare everyone!

Vaughn & Nell said...

Wow! What fantastic photos! It gives me goosebumps (or is that goosepimples on your side of the world?!) just looking at the falls. I can't imagine your reaction while actually there!

Sounds like you have certainly found your footing over there!

++Anna++ said...

++ Hi Adrian, hope you are well! You sound like you are settling in & even have to see some sights! I'm close to the end of my study! Yay! not long now. Take care and i'm very much enjoying your pictures!++

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian,

Glad to hear that things are going well. Deb and i have just had another big day at Uni and are just doing some work together to get ready for tomorrows class.
Fraser came round the other day and I showed him all my teachings he really liked them we yacked for more than 2 hours. Have to keep it brief so bye for now from me.
Lov Ralph.