Saturday, 20 October 2007


I have settled into life as a vicar in Canada. There has been a fair degree of adjusting from life as a student in to working as a vicar. A different schedule to the day, Sundays are busier than ever and writing sermons, devotions and Bible studies is so much better than writing assignments. To this i'm sure my class mates will join with me in saying AMEN. On top of all this has been the added stress and joy of moving to Canada. Despite the challenge it has been, i now feel like part of the furniture.

Once a month the service is taped and broadcast on a local am radio station the following Sunday. Some of the members have told me i have a good voice for radio. Does this mean by association that i have a good face for radio?

Yesterday i went to my second winkel which was great. Meeting more pastors and hanging out with them is fun and helps me learn more about the joys and challenges of pastoring. Which is getting closer all the time, God willing.

Blessings to you all

Adrian XO

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