Monday, 1 October 2007

The wildllife

Canada has a many animals we don't. I have seen raccoons on my way home from ladies guild, a mum deer and her two kids on the way to church and last Friday saw my first Coyote. I have Friday's off and went to Tobermory at the top of the Bruce peninsula. There i went on a boat cruise around the islands just off shore which are so beautiful. They are densely packed with White Spruce, lots of nice rocks and crystal clear water. On Flowerpot island the captain of the boat pointed out a Coyote (double click on the photo below).

The reason the island is called Flowerpot.

More of beautiful views

I have also seen my first bear. It was actually two black bears and despite what you may have heard about bears they are not so dangerous. I think they are just misunderstood and want what most humans want. The two i saw were so consumed in what they were doing they didn't even notice me.

See ya, Adrian

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Kristin said...

Hi Adrian,
Great website! It makes me laugh when I realize all the "foreign" ways & slang I have experienced since coming here from Saskatchewan ... and that's only two provinces and 2700 km away! Ontario folks don't even know what a 'bunny hug' is and I wear one when I go outside most days!

It was wonderful meeting you yesterday & I hope we can share our internship joys and challenges! Blessings, Kristin