Wednesday, 17 October 2007


I was in a supermarket on Monday and discovered that Canadians have a different range of chips to choose from than we do in Australia. They don't have Chicken or Light and Tangy, nor did i see Lime and Cracked Pepper. On Sunday i told friends that Pie and Sauce chips were available for a while, the girls came close to gagging. In Canada they have Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper, sounds nice. Dill Pickle sounds ok and All Dressed (sounds more like the temperance unions slogan for the mardis gras than a chip flavour). I'm told that All Dressed is spicy. I will let you know what my tongue thinks of these exotic flavours as i encounter them.


XO Adrian

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Anonymous said...

Adrian you must try the almond m&m's. They're great! And have you had yoghurt yet (pronounced yog-et in Canada not yo-gert like us Aussies), vanilla is the scrummiest.

Luv Deb.