Tuesday, 9 October 2007


Thanksgiving day is a national holiday in Canada. They cannot believe that we don't have thanksgiving in Australia. It is interesting to note how Canada has been influenced by the British as a commonwealth country, and what it has picked up from America, it super power neighbour. 75% of Canada's exports go to the US. Anyway, my first thanksgivings, one on Saturday and Sunday, were wonderful occasions of focusing on family togetherness. On Saturday i went to Lloye Wathke's house for lunch with her children and grandchildren. This was a traditional thanksgiving dinner with roast turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie for dessert. Everyone is shocked at the weather, 25 and humid. It reminds me alot of the Gold Coast. After lunch i joined in a game of flag football. The non contact version of American Football (grid-iron), similar to touch football. We spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the shade talking.

On Sunday i had dinner with Dennis and Lorraine Heeber's family and there friend Amy. This was a non traditional thanksgiving dinner; BBQ steak and salads. We then went hiking on the Bruce Trail at Loin's Head. We only got back to the vehicles just on dark. No we didn't see any bears. The walk was great to burn off some of the calories, and the scenery was brilliant. I love the different trees they have here. The day was closed by having apple pie on the beach.

The thanksgiving day adventurers.

The cliffs at Lion's Head were we hiked.

The glorious sunset

The Lion's Head, can you see it?

Happy thanksgiving, XO Adrian.


rachel esther said...

You got boots!

I see it!


++Anna++ said...

I see it too xx